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Incorporate Exercise in Everyday Life

A new way of thinking about exercise

The word ‘exercise’ can feel a little daunting. But it’s easier than you think to find ways to incorporate some activity into your everyday routine and discover that can become fun and energising, rather than a chore.

Housework is one way of getting your heart rate going and burning calories, all without leaving the house! Here are just a few examples that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life:

  • Vacuuming around the house.
  • Doing some spring-cleaning.
  • Painting that room you’ve been meaning to get round to.
  • Tidying up the garage.
  • Lifting the boxes up to the loft.

Spending time in the garden can also help you to get active, such as weeding a flowerbed or mowing the lawn, and it can have a positive improvement on your life as well as a great chance to exercise in the fresh air.

Did you know?

Just 20 to 30 minutes of washing the windows, an hour or so of raking up leaves, or cleaning the car at the weekend all use up 100 calories each.

Most car journeys are less than a mile. In other words, it’s well worth considering making the trip on foot instead. It’s good for the environment and for you. This is something you can share with family and friends such as walking with the kids to school once or twice a week, or to the shops for food and your essentials.

Encouraging all the family, especially your children, to join you in this new attitude to exercise will give both you and them a boost. If you can get them cycling with you, swimming with you, or just running about in the nearest green space to let off some steam and energy, you should feel good about setting them a positive example, and helping instil in them a lifetime of good, healthy habits.

In all these ways you can make those gradual changes that do not disrupt everything else you want to do – and also can have such a long-term positive effect.


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