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All over the globe, individuals, families, societies, businesses, economies and governments are struggling with the effects of the pandemic. Job loss and income reduction have sadly affected so many people.

Fears about health are affecting lots of people of all ages, with many also experiencing greater levels of isolation and loneliness. Sometimes whilst trying to keep up to date, reading or tuning in to the news can be emotionally taxing as well.

It is common, these days, to feel overwhelmed, isolated and anxious. While we should absolutely recognise these feelings and allow them to exist, we also must focus on kindness.

Kindness to ourselves, our families, our friends and our community. Acting out of kindness in all forms is an important part of our wellbeing.

Kindness requires vulnerability. Vulnerability doesn’t mean oversharing or being complacent. It doesn’t mean you must always be giving and never taking. But it does require a level of risk and emotional exposure.

The world can harden us. Practicing kindness is a revolutionary, everyday personal decision to choose a deeper path to greater good for yourself and those in your presence.

It isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be quite difficult but when you choose to be kind to difficult people, it doesn’t mean you bow down to them. Being vulnerable means you take a risk to express how their actions or words may feel (hurtful, triggering, angering, perplexing, etc.). They may continue to be harsh or confrontational, or even worse, passive aggressive. But knowing that you were kind to them shows a positive and powerful reflection on yourself.

Why not try one of these simple acts of kindness:

  • Smiling (even if your nose and mouth are covered with a mask) to strangers
  • Thanking Key workers for working so hard during the pandemic (you may be fantastically shaping that person’s day)
  • Leaving a note out for a postal worker
  • Contact your local hospital or nursing care facility to see if there is anything you can do for their staff to say thank you.
  • Organise a nice surprise for a neighbours

Kindness is an expression of love. Rather than thinking of it as a feeling or sense, focus on the verb, or the action, that surrounds it.

While positive thoughts help attract positive people and situations into our lives, arguably more important, those positive thoughts help reframe and rebuild our inner mindscape. Similarly, with kindness, kind actions create kind inner feelings.

See how a friend reaches out to you with a simple “thinking of you” text or discover the affect it can have on someone’s day by reaching out yourself. Learn about the various mutual aid groups being organised in your community and then lean in to all those signs of a kinder and more profound humanity. From boosting your mood to lowering stress, you’ll seen experience the benefits of being kind. Help others and help yourself too!


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