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Whole Grain is the New Wheat


For healthy digestive health and therefore intestinal health, it is important to consume enough fibre. The daily fibre requirement in your diet is best covered by complex carbohydrates. These are primarily found in whole-grain products, potatoes, pulses and vegetables.

Here’s one simple tip for eating better with whole-grain products:

Usually, anyone who enjoys cooking has a selection of recipes and dishes in their repertoire, which they serve up regularly. Spaghetti Bolognese is very often one of these. What type of pasta do you usually use to make the dish? White pasta? Replace white spaghetti with whole-grain spaghetti to instantly have a healthier meal. It’s no question that both white flour and whole-grain flour contain a lot of carbohydrates. But the crucial point here is that white flour primarily contains short-chain carbohydrates, while whole-grain flour consists of long-chain carbohydrates, which make us feel fuller for longer.


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