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“You can make a difference,

Believe in your future”

Why is Lifeplus different?

Here at Lifeplus people are at the heart of what we do.

We value everyone who works with us and do all we can to create an environment of mutual respect, trust and collaboration. We strive for our people to feel valued and to have fun at work.

We are different and as a company we do things in a bespoke way – our culture isn’t corporate or formal.

We’re looking for people to join the Lifeplus team that want to work for a unique company with lovely, kind and generous people.

If you’re looking for something different read on and apply!

Why join our team?

Lovely people work at Lifeplus. We like to have fun and enjoy work and leisure time together, but don’t just take our word for it – here’s some pictures and quotes from colleagues:

“the people I work with are friendly, lovely people”

“working with the people here makes me want to come to work”

“people here are really fun to work with”

“I can let my personality show working here”

“there’s a great atmosphere amongst colleagues”

“I’ve never worked with such fantastic people”

“the Lifeplus spirit is amazing!”

“I really like our products and that we can try them for free”

“the facilities are great here”

“the benefits offered are really good”


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